About us

The mission of the Department of Demographic and Family Research is to carry out fundamental and policy-oriented research in social demography and family sociology, to provide expertise on population policy to governmental bodies, and to disseminate results of demographic research to wider society.

Our research is oriented towards understanding of demographic processes in the Lithuanian society, family dynamics, health, aging, intergenerational solidarity, gender relationships in family and society, and family inequalities.

The Department continues the long-standing academic tradition of the demographic research at the Lithuanian Center for Social Sciences (till 2020 – the Lithuanian Social Research Center), where the first academic unit in Lithuania devoted to demographic research was established in the early 1990s.

Currently, the Department unites eight researchers and five PhD students with an interest in social demography and family sociology. Members of the Department represent various stages of academic career and this enables a vibrant academic environment and rewarding collaboration between experienced scientists and junior scholars. The Department actively participates in international research networks, programs and scientific associations, and successfully competes in securing research funding from various research funding bodies, both in Lithuania and abroad.

The scientific excellence of the Department is acknowledged by the national and international scientific communities. The Department is proud to host two winners of the National Science Award, Members of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and the Latvian Academy of Sciences.

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