State Data Agency (Statistics Lithuania) informs that based on provisional data, as of 1 January 2023, the resident population of Lithuania totalled 2 million 860 thousand, which is by 54 thousand more than a year ago.

The change in the resident population in 2022 was influenced by a significant increase in positive net international migration due to the large number of war refugees from Ukraine – the number of immigrants exceeded that of emigrants by 72.4 thousand, and negative natural population change – the number of deaths exceeded that of live births by 18.4 thousand.

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As society continues to discuss the definition of family, experts say that as early as the 19th century. the “traditional” church marriage was arbitrarily dissolved, and the village community accepted such families, it is also noted that in the Soviet era, the family based on marriage became a collective anchor that ensured security for some people.

In our society, family rights and freedoms are the subject of discussions by politicians, non-governmental organizations and lawyers, and the concept of family is narrowed down to family relationships based on marriage, according to the organizers of the National Human Rights Forum discussion “The concept of family and the diversity of family relationships in the context of non-discrimination”. This topic was discussed by the head of the Department of Demographic and Family Research, Prof. Aušra Maslauskaitė and researcher dr. Daumantas Stumbrys.

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